About Me

I am a master’s candidate at UNCW in the MSCSIS program finishing up my thesis. I work as a research assistant for the Institute for the Interdisiplinary Studies in Identity Sciences. That mouthful means I work to try to get computers to know who you are in all sorts of different ways. Our primary research focuses on improving face recognition. We do this by improving the ability to recognize you as you age, without needing to have an updated photo. We also work on algorithms that can tell how old you are, what ethnicity you are, and your gender… just by looking at your face.

I have been developing in C# since the final alpha release on through the betas to 4.0. It is my language of choice for rapid windows development particularly for tools and other helper programs. I have been developing C/C++ for a few years for applications needing significant optimization.

My most recent venture is into CUDA C. In an effort to optimize even further, the GPU poses the greatest reward in speed for our algorithms. I look forward to actually seeing some results soon!

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