Robot Head Yaw Servo

My servos have finally arrived so it is time to start assembly!

This is my first test of the HS-805BB servo.

Please note the label over top of the image of the 9v battery. THIS IS NOT A 9v BATTERY!!! I only used that because it seems in Fritzing the only thing I could find was 3v, 4.8v, and 9v.. none of which are what I want. The HS-805BB servo draws significant power.. much more than the Arduino/USB is prepared to serve. At idle load it draws 800ma! For this reason, never connect it directly to the Arduino. In my case, I’ve used 6V 12Ah lead acid batteries to source the servo and a 9v battery to source the arduino. Note however, in order for your servo to work, you need to connect them through a common ground. Otherwise the servo will behave erratically.

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