Robot head nearly finished printing

We had to pause for a few weeks while we ordered more white PLA filament. Each print job takes roughly 9-14 hours and therefore the head so far has taken roughly 70 hours for the shell and another 30-40 hours for the inner workings. Servos are on order as well as a few 6V batteries. Unfortunately when I placed the order for the batteries, I did not realize they were shipping from China and therefore it will take a month or so to ship.

Using the default settings was getting me nowhere. No raft or supports led to the model falling over before the side supports could be attached. The raft, as pictured, caused the bottom to lift because it wasn’t properly sticking to the raft. I think I made about 4 attempts on this part before I ran out of white filament.

We had a reel of translucent blue filament and I thought it would be neat to use this color to print the parts that were not part of the anatomical structure (IE. the inner workings & mechanical parts). Hopefully this will look neat when assembled. At the very least it will provide some variety since most people seem to use black for these parts.

After much experimentation and tweaking I was able to design a working custom profile for MakerWare that properly printed the “sidehear” part.

A few more days of printing, the problem with the “sidehear” model fixed, and we have most of a skull! Unfortunately it is missing the eyes. There seems to be a strange problem with this model where MakerWare generates an .x3g file but the printer does not recognize it. Once that problem is resolved we’ll be done with the head!

More to come next week!

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