Image Processing Sandbox

Image Processing Sandbox (IPS) is an educational software development tool built on the .NET framework. The sandbox is written in C# but you may use any language and compiler that can compile CIL assemblies. This includes Microsoft’s C#, VB, Managed C++, and F# languages as well as 3rd party languages such as IronPython and IronRuby.

The sandbox is composed of two parts, the IDE and the Picture assembly. The IDE may be used to view, edit, and use algorithms you implement. Each image in the IDE is an instance of a Picture object and since the Picture object is available and open source, you can imagine how much freedom you have to do anything you wish!

More information can be found in the documentation at:

And Blog entry:

Note: This is not yet released. Stay tuned to the Summer 2014 for a beta release!

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