Eyeglass is an application with two purposes. The first is a tool that scans a running game to extract key pieces of information: character name, level, experience, location, statistics, etc. It then allows the user and/or a programmer through the use of plugins to transmit, log, or display that information in any way they choose. Eyeglass does not have the ability to manipulate games for the purposes of cheating or bypassing security measures.

Consider the following scenarios:
1) Theorycrafting – the process of applying detailed mathematics to optimize your gameplay. By generating millisecond resolution logs, it is possible to identify areas of improvement or highlight things you are doing well. Extract your current experience as you play and track its growth (or decay) over time.
2) Game streaming & E-sports – Have you ever visited twitch.tv and watched a streamer playing a game and thought, “What level is he?”, “What weapon is he using?”, “How fast is he leveling?”. Worse yet, how many times are these questions repeated in a given hour? Imagine a chat-bot plugin that could respond to these inquires or a website showing immediate game-character feedback.
3) Many more including augmenting missing game features like inventory searching, auction house and economy tracking, etc.

The second feature of Eyeglass is a data file reader. This extracts out the various media for a game for you to browse including textures, images, sounds, music, and 3D models. In some cases, story text, dialogue, and other miscellaneous data.

This application is currently in Alpha and supports games with widely varying functionality:

Game Support:
1) Final Fantasy XIV: Data reader and complete character statistics, inventory, market board, retainers, 3D radar
2) Path of Exile: Data reader and minimal character information (name, level, dex/int/str, current area, experience)
3) Civilization V: Basic game stats (money, culture, faith)

Shown in the image to the left is Final Fantasy XIV w/exp per hour chart.

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