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Eurotrip Day 6

This morning we awoke early to head to Cardiff, the capitol of Wales. Today is Jason's meeting with the professor at Cardiff University about the PhD program. Train to Cardiff We left on time but made the wrong turn and got a little lost. Luckily enough, we made it to the station and were able […]

Eurotrip Day 5

For our last day in Paris we decided to visit Notre Dame and the Champs Elysees / Arc de Triomphe. Notre Dame This cathedral, begun in the mid 1100's, took nearly 150 years to build. In the interest of time and getting back to the airport in time, we decided not to go inside. This […]

Eurotrip Day 4

(Note: Pictures are to come, the Internet service at our hotel in Bristol, UK is extremely poor and would take me roughly 40 minutes per image to prepare and upload.  I'm hoping London will be better.) Today we both apparently decided to ignore our alarms and take advantage of the excellent light-blocking capability of our […]

Eurotrip Day 3

Our final day in Rome we decided to revisit the Colosseo and stop in a pastry shop before heading to the airport. Initially we wanted to try to visit the Pantheon during the day but visiting Rome, the heart of the Catholic world, on a Sunday morning, is not the best time to be a […]

Eurotrip Day 2

We began our first official day as tourists in Rome, Italy by waking up at 7am and walking to the nearby train station, Roma Aurelia. The train was 20 minutes late but a digital sign on the platform was easy to read and informed us of the delay, most importantly, it was accurate.     […]

Eurotrip Day 1

Months of planning and here we are! Charlotte We said goodbye to good ‘ole America with just an hour delay on our departure to allow for the crew’s regulated rest time. Seems our pilot was delayed a bit and since I’m all for conscious pilots, I figured I’d let this one slide. Plus, we landed […]