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Head mostly assembled

I don’t have the correct servo to fit into the slot provided for the jaw mechanism. I wanted to use a Tower Pro 996R but it is slightly too big. Even so, I couldn’t help but assemble the rest of the head and play with the rotation mechanism.

Robot Head Yaw Servo

My servos have finally arrived so it is time to start assembly! This is my first test of the HS-805BB servo. Please note the label over top of the image of the 9v battery. THIS IS NOT A 9v BATTERY!!! I only used that because it seems in Fritzing the only thing I could find […]

3D Printable Robot

3D printing is cutting edge technology. It is quite exciting to be on the forefront of a new computing paradigm. After printing several trinkets and learning how to troubleshoot the many problems 3D printing has, I’ve embarked on a very large project to build a humanoid robot! Our printer is a Makerbot Replicator 2. The […]