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Local media coverage of IISIS Lab

Dr. Karl Ricanek was recently featured as our local WWAY’s “Extraordinary Person” for his work in face recognition. They also featured Harry Atwal and Chad Ponthieux’s work on their Leap Motion controlled quadcopter drone. WWAY’s Extraordinary People Segment: http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play/4894170/extraordinary_people_the_professor_who_makes_the_young_old?wpid=12071 A better example of the drone control.

Face Aging Group (IISIS) Promotional Video

Last year we developed a media reachout video showing the biometrics research work students do at the Face Aging Group (IISIS) at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The majority of software shown on the computer screens was written by me with the exception of the 3D capture software which is a 3rd party tool […]