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Arduino LEDs

Tutorials: Light an LED Blinky Fade RGB – Common Cathode RGB – Common Anode 1. Light an LED Description In this tutorial you will set up and turn on a single LED. Note that this code can actually be executed with just the Arduino and no other components as in Figure 5. If you notice, […]

1.8″ 160×128 Serial SPI TFT LCD Module Arduino Tutorial

So recently I purchased an LCD screen to play with but found that it wasn’t directly compatible with the existing TFT tutorials for Arduino. After a significant amount of digging and experimenting I figured out how to make it works so I figured I’d describe that here for anyone else stuck with a cheap Chinese […]

Head mostly assembled

I don’t have the correct servo to fit into the slot provided for the jaw mechanism. I wanted to use a Tower Pro 996R but it is slightly too big. Even so, I couldn’t help but assemble the rest of the head and play with the rotation mechanism.

Robot Head Yaw Servo

My servos have finally arrived so it is time to start assembly! This is my first test of the HS-805BB servo. Please note the label over top of the image of the 9v battery. THIS IS NOT A 9v BATTERY!!! I only used that because it seems in Fritzing the only thing I could find […]

Arduino LED Project

In order for the 3D printed robot to work, it has to be controlled by many servos and a few microcontrollers. We will be using the Arduino UNO as our microcontroller platform and the Raspberry PI as the “controller” or brain of the bot. In order to make this work, I need to become an […]