1.8″ 160×128 Serial SPI TFT LCD Module Arduino Tutorial

So recently I purchased an LCD screen to play with but found that it wasn’t directly compatible with the existing TFT tutorials for Arduino. After a significant amount of digging and experimenting I figured out how to make it works so I figured I’d describe that here for anyone else stuck with a cheap Chinese LCD screen.

Assuming the listing doesn’t change, this is the exact LCD I’m playing with:

1.8″ Serial SPI TFT LCD Module Display + PCB Adapter Power IC SD Socket 128X160

And this is how I hooked it up:

From there, you can now use any of the tutorials packaged with the Arduino IDE (at least as of v1.0.5).

Using the TFTDisplayText example:


  • hello plz send me the code

    adamsJune 5, 2014
  • hello plz send me the code of this video

    adamsJune 5, 2014
  • thnx bro ..
    I want to display a curve

    adamsJune 6, 2014
  • Hello there,
    Do you have a sketch and wiring examples for the SD card reader
    thank you

    ChristianJuly 11, 2014
    • I don’t but that’s a good idea for another tutorial. Maybe I’ll tackle that next.

      BenJuly 30, 2014
  • Thnx, i purchased same model and expend a lot of time trying to connect with arduino

    camJuly 28, 2014
  • Ben,
    thnx, you done great job for us.
    I have a problem to get temp form DS18b20 sensor on this screen.
    Maybe have you got on your schedule to solve the same problem soon?

    peterOctober 28, 2014
  • Is the UNO running at 5V? I thought the voltage limit for the LCD was 3.3 on any logic pin. Or does it just handle the 5V?

    SandrineMarch 17, 2015
    • It is between 3.3v and 5.0v so we’re both correct! :).

      BenApril 27, 2015
  • Great Jog, I have the exact same screen I think, Hooked ik up like you did, but al I get is a whitish screen with “HY” and “08” underneath that.

    Any ideas?



    PeterApril 2, 2015
  • Works like a charm, thank you! One question: this works with my Uno, but with my Mega I just get a white screen. Any suggestions? Seems that the pinout is different…

    PeterApril 26, 2015
    • As you suspect, the UNO and Mega pinouts are indeed different. I don’t have a Mega so I can’t test it out, but I’d double check the source code in the example to make sure that the pins referenced correspond to the correct pins on the Mega. There isn’t any reason that I can see why the LCD screen would be incompatible, just might need some small tweaks to the code or wiring.

      BenApril 27, 2015
  • What is the slot behind the screen itself? I am new to do and I hope somebody can introduce me to this awesome hobby

    William GagneAugust 31, 2016
    • This particular device includes an SD card reader on the back. You could for example insert an SD card with images and write a program to rotate through them.

      BenSeptember 12, 2016

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