May 2013 - Ben Barbour

Arduino LED Project

In order for the 3D printed robot to work, it has to be controlled by many servos and a few microcontrollers. We will be using the Arduino UNO as our microcontroller platform and the Raspberry PI as the “controller” or brain of the bot. In order to make this work, I need to become an […]

Robot head nearly finished printing

We had to pause for a few weeks while we ordered more white PLA filament. Each print job takes roughly 9-14 hours and therefore the head so far has taken roughly 70 hours for the shell and another 30-40 hours for the inner workings. Servos are on order as well as a few 6V batteries. […]

3D Printable Robot

3D printing is cutting edge technology. It is quite exciting to be on the forefront of a new computing paradigm. After printing several trinkets and learning how to troubleshoot the many problems 3D printing has, I’ve embarked on a very large project to build a humanoid robot! Our printer is a Makerbot Replicator 2. The […]